What is Bone conduction – How it works?

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Have you ever heard of the phenomenon that you can hear the sound not through your ears but through your skull bones?

Yes, this is possible and this not a new concept, in fact, it goes back into history. If you have heard of the world-renowned music composer – Ludwig Van Beethoven, Yes the one whose music intro we used to hear on the windows PC – window media player!

**See the video at the end of the page to know more!

Beethoven supposedly went partially deaf and was using a tong clinched under his mouth to hear to the melody he created.


What is bone conduction?

Humans can hear sound in two ways:

  1. Through our ears
  2. Through our bones

The ear transmission is what we all are aware of, that is the usual listening mechanism of music and ambient sounds simply through our ears. However, listening sound through our bones might sound a bit cheeky to you but that is possible. The bone conduction phenomenon works primarily with the concept in which our jaw or cheekbones passes the sound vibrations to our inner ears while bypassing our eardrums. Cool isn’t it.

You can read and learn more on audiowavegeek.com, Bone Conduction overview, if you are interested and also get a list of the latest bone conduction headphones (both wired and wireless) if you want to buy one for yourself or the one you care about.

See below the picture giving more clarity on what we have just mentioned:

Bone Conduction headphones for ARMY_technoclasroom.com


Ludvig Van Beethoven when went partially deaf used this very concept to hear to the music that he used to compose, this way it was already proved that by stimulating the jawbone or cheekbone with an external stimulant (in this case, his wand which he used to touch the piano) sound pattern can reach to our auditory portion and we can hear external sounds without the use of our eardrums:


Applications of bone conduction

There have been many applications but to name a few the major ones are in the field of:

  • Hearing aids for the people having a problem with hearing
  • Military – for the soldiers who are on the battlefield and want to hear ambient noise along with the other commands
  • Sports – People performing outdoor sports, bone conduction has come as a boon to them saving from ongoing traffic on the roads
  • Underwater activities – Scuba diving was greatly benefited from this as there was no other mechanism earlier to communicate when underwater

We strongly believe that there could be much other application of bone conduction and it is just a matter of time that human realize the potential of this marvelous piece of human anatomical engineering done by the almighty. we soon will develop more avenues to exploit its potential in a good way.


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You can see a quick video which describes the bone conduction technology and the latest bone conduction headphones for music lovers currently available in the market to buy:

The headphones as seen in the video above sits comfortably on the top of the outer lobe of the ear and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, we have personally tested the Aftershokz headphone and were very pleased with the results. This is, of course, no audiophile headphones but it definitely serves the purpose well for everyday use while providing you with a safe and secure environment while enjoying your music.

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